Welcome to the NVLTB, Wageningen's tennis club! Our club has around 900 members and we have fourteen tennis courts, two mini courts, a beach tennis court and a practice wall at our disposal. Before or after playing, there is the opportunity to make use of the clubhouse for refreshments and socialising.

What’s special about us?

  • we organize many activities for various target groups: juniors, seniors and veterans; recreational and competitive events;
  • all activities are organised by members – we're an Association for and by the members;
  • we strive for year-round tennis on outdoor courts by ensuring a high standard of maintenance of the courts and clubhouse;
  • our club has a friendly, relaxed, open and positive atmosphere

You are welcome to become a member of our club or to come and try out tennis! For information on how you can join click here.



Go to: subscription form until March 30
Events: men’s, women’s and mixed doubles (if you register individually, we’ll look for a partner for you)
Levels: beginner (8-9), intermediate (6-7), advanced (4-6)
Entry fee: 10€, 4€ for students


Questions? Mail to contact.

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